“Break Free From Being a ‘Lone Soldier LO’ and Discover How to Build a Thriving 6-Figure Mortgage Business That Gives You True Freedom, Autonomy and Security —
Regardless of Market Conditions!”

Join Our Exclusive 3-Day “Full Immersion” Mastermind Summit and Learn Directly From Top Mortgage Pros Who Have Been There and Done It — Showing You Exactly How They Build Their Team, Who Does What and For How Much, and How They Consistently Close 17+ Purchase Loans Per Month Like Clockwork.

Seats Available: 40 2


From the Desk of: Doren Aldana and Carl White

Dear Friend,

Question for you…

Want to know the secret to keeping your business alive and thriving… even in the face of
un-thriving times?

The secret is simple: Surround yourself with a successful team.

You should also spend 3-4 hours a day (sometimes more… a lot more) on the phone, networking, connecting, learning, brainstorming, masterminding, and testing with the smartest, most successful people we know; then implement what works.

Your team and the people you surround yourself with are your lifeblood.

In fact, here’s another secret…. we started MortgageMarketingCoach.com and MortgageMarketingAnimals.com because we have a passion for helping people turn their dreams into reality for AND also because we wanted to stay connected to the maverick mortgage pros and thought leaders who congregate at our events and mastermind groups.

So, we made a decision. We’re going to do everything in our power to share our success “secrets” with you, including (but not limited to):

  • A “pull back the curtain” look at several top mortgage pros and their teams and what each of the
    team members do and what they get paid
  • How to liberate yourself from the “I’m the only one who can do it right” mentality, so you can break free of being a “Fireman” (putting out all of the fires on each loan), and do what you do best – get more loans coming in (Becoming a “Rainmaker”)
  • How to get your mind in the right place so you can create Dream Business — and your Dream Life!
  • How to double your business while working half the hours, leaving you more time for your friends, family and your greatest passions
  • How to create the “perfect” step-by-step action plan in less than 15 minutes, so you can reduce the time to implementation to near ZERO!
  • Secrets to a daily success plan that has “non-negotiable” activities that will explode your business and free you from burnout and overwhelm
  • How to find, interview, hire and train your first Superstar Assistant, so you can do the activities that you love (that you are good at) and make more money
  • Knowing when to hire a virtual assistant versus when to hire an “in-house” assistant
  • What you should be doing (Rainmaker) versus what your assistant does (Fireman/Admin) to maximize your income and your freedom
  • Real ways to get new leads and referral partners now that you are free from the office “ball and chain.” This will ensure that you always have a full pipeline (and a full wallet)
  • Simple, free, ninja tools and resources that top producers are using that will keep you out of “office prison” and on the “road to freedom” where you belong
  • How to run your business like “clockwork.” A step-by-step plan to set up systems and procedures to help your business run like a “well-oiled machine.”
  • How to maximize your calendar so that you can live a stress-free, extraordinary life
  • And a heck of a lot more…

And so, “The Freedom Mastermind 2013: How to Break Free From Being a ‘Loan Soldier’ & Create the Dream Mortgage Business You Deserve” event was born…

That’s right. We’re hosting a small group of highly motivated mortgage pros who want to learn the secrets for closing 17+ purchase loans a month, while working 40 hours or less per week — regardless of market conditions.

In fact, the business, team building, and success strategies we will be sharing with you will serve you (and prosper you) for the rest of your career, no matter what the market throws at you…

We’re opening up our playbook to you, sharing strategies that have generated millions of dollars for us and given us financial independence and a true dream life. And we’re keeping the event small enough so you get personal attention, but big enough to have great networking.

So consider this our personal invitation. Come join us in Tampa Bay, FL, November 8th, 9th and 10th for three days of the best learning, masterminding and networking you’ll find anywhere.

And don’t worry; no one will be on stage pitching their products.

It’ll be us (and you!) and a couple of HAND-PICKED experts who are on our own personal team and who also happen to be our good friends. And they will do NOTHING but deliver exceptional teaching in this small and intimate setting.

Address of Event
     1006 Broadway Dunedin FL

Time of Events
     Nov 7th: Meet and Greet 7pm
     Nov 8th and 9th: 8am-6pm
     Nov 10th: 8am-1pm

Search for hotels at Hotels.com or feel free to user your favorite hotel search service.

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Friends like:


And let me repeat: none of these guys will be offering any products that you have to invest in.

You see, this is not about “shiny objects” for you to buy, it’s all about MINDSET and SYSTEMS!

Carl and Doren’s Rule: Networking is NOT Optional!

You know the expression, “Your Network Equals Your Net Worth?”

These 3 days will prove that in spades. We’re going to keep this small so you’ll get your questions answered AND you’ll go home having made all the connections you need to keep the momentum going after you get back to the office — so you can turbo-charge your business.

We’ll have plenty of intentional networking time over the 3 days, and believe me, you NEED to meet the people who come to our events.

Here are some more of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • What you can learn from “The Wizard of Oz”
  • What you should do EVERY morning as soon as you get up
  • How to overcome personal crisis in your home and business
  • Why you NEED an assistant (this is not a want)
  • Checklists, procedures and systems that you will leave with and can implement as soon as you get home
  • How to keep “the dream” alive so you feel a strong sense of purpose and passion on a daily basis
  • Turnkey systems you can get your admin assistant to implement for you so you can close more deals without working more hours

You don’t want to miss this! Rest assured, you’re protected by…


If you’re ready to get serious about making money as a mortgage professional and tired of doing all the work yourself, AND you know you need to master team building strategies that are perfect in today’s economy, strategies that work TODAY, we want you to join us this November in Tampa Bay, FL for the Freedom Mastermind 2013.

Maybe this is one of those moments when you need to decide whether you are serious about your business or if this is just a “hobby”…

But our guess is that you wouldn’t still be reading this if you weren’t serious, and if you weren’t an actiontaker.

So, if that’s you, REGISTER NOW while spots are still available. (We’re shutting the doors soon to keep this gathering small so that everyone there can get personal attention and connect with potential partners and new friends.)

Oh, and today’s price is the Early Bird rate for “friends and family”. You get first dibs on tickets, and we’ve kept the price as low as we could because we want “our people” in the room. Again, the dates are November 8th-10th, 2013.

Snap up your ticket now before we sell out… or raise the price.


See you in Dunedin, Florida!

Leading you to Freedom and Prosperity,
“The Freedom Mastermind Summit 2013 – Where Mortgage Pros, Success, and Team Building Come Together” — November 8th to 10th, Tampa Bay

PS. Registration and travel costs are tax-deductible investments, so come to beautiful Tampa Bay on Uncle Sam this year… and learn the secrets for creating true freedom, autonomy and security at the same time.

Here’s What Other Mortgage Professionals Are
Saying About
Doren Aldana’s Coaching…

"My Income Grew By 100% in 4 Months!"

Doren Aldana coaching

Before meeting Doren, my mortgage business was generating about $22,000 per month. I was frustrated with having to come up with marketing strategies to grow my business to the next level. I was looking for the silver bullet. We started FastTrak coaching with Doren and he has been nothing short of amazing. The ongoing coaching sessions, templates, tools and access to outside vendors have been invaluable. We are an idea powerhouse which has caused my business to explode. In just 4 short months, we have generated an extra $80,000 in revenue above our baseline! We have doubled our business in 4 months. This can only be attributed to strategies and accountability that Doren affords me. All successful entrepreneurs have coaches to help guide them and move them to the next level. I have found mine in Doren. Thanks Doren. I owe you a lot. All the best.

-David Bradley, Owner of Just Mortgages Inc, Dallas, Texas

"I QUADRUPLED My Business in Just 3 Months!"

Before meeting Doren we were making about $8k/month. We were frustrated with spinning our wheels and being busy as opposed to productive. We started the FastTrak coaching with Doren and he provided us with the tools, tricks and structure to put our mortgage business and marketing strategy on steroids! In just 3 short months, we have generated an extra $81k in revenue above our baseline (averaging an $27k extra per month). That's a 4X growth! Thanks DOREN!

-Paul Stevenson, Managing Partner of ReferralMortgages.com, Ottawa, Canada

"I Increased My Business By 466% In Just 6 Short Months!"

I have to admit, at first I was skeptical about Doren's methods. It all seemed too good to be true and, frankly, a bit cheesy. However, after seeing several rave reviews from Doren's students I decided to commit to it and drink the "Doren Punch". I'm so glad I did! After just 6 months of implementing Doren’s URMS system, I gained 10 solid producing Realtor relationships. The biggest win was that I have quadrupled my production (from 3 to 14 deals per month) in only 6 short months, thanks to Doren’s system!

-Chris Paliska, Loan Officer, New American Funding, Tustin, CA

"Thanks to Doren’s Realtor Videos, I Now Have 3 New Realtors Who Are Sending Me Deals Every Single Month!"

I started using Doren's "Done For You" videos about 6 months ago. Each video has relevant and time appropriate information for helping real estate agents grow their businesses. I reach over 800 agents each month through the realtor tips videos. This gives me a foot-in-the-door when making follow-up calls. The videos have helped me get in front of at least 8 realtors (one-on-one meetings). Of these, 3 of them have become solid partners who send me deals on a regular basis. Thank you, Doren!

- Matt Padgett, President, Keystone Mortgage, Knoxville, TN

"I Hit My 5-Year Income Goal In Only Six Months!"

I've been working with Doren Aldana for about 6 months now and the results have been amazing! I set out my 5-year income goal and I hit that within 6 months! I would NOT have been able to do that had I not used Doren’s coaching. Doren helped me leverage my time by getting me to hire an assistant, so I can focus on high value activities. Now I’m spending more time on lead generation, resulting in more business for myself! Thank you so much, Doren! *

- Scott Travelbea, Dominion Lending, Victoria, BC

"Very Valuable Information!"

I have listened to Doren's webinars for many years now and have recommended him to many other loan officers at my company. Doren always provides very valuable marketing information to help me grow my business and I value his knowledge in this field. If you get a chance to let Doren help you grow your business, do not miss the opportunity.

- Timothy Bullock, First Time Homebuyer Specialist, Akron, Ohio

"I DOUBLED My Income In 6 Months!"

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Doren speak at one of our national conferences. A couple of weeks later, I decided to take the leap and become a coaching member. At first I was skeptical, wondering how I could double my income and generate twice the amount of qualified leads -- considering it took me four years to build my business to its current level. How is this possible? Six months later it happened! Doren provided me with countless ideas, killer marketing materials, endless audio interviews and teleseminars. Now I understand the importance of working “ON” my business, not just “IN” my business. Doren, thank you for not giving up on me!

- Jeremy Nagel, Verico Canada Mortgage Direct, Calgary, AB

"Doren is a Go-Giver!"

Doren comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients and members. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to "give first". You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Doren as I have.

- Scott Hudspeth, Mortgage Loan Specialist, Kalamazoo Mortgage, Kalamazoo, MI

"My Income Increased By 100% in 10 Months!"

In the beginning I was very skeptical about these testimonials. How could one person make such a difference? Since working with Doren, I have more than doubled my income in the last 10 months! Doren held me accountable and helped me stay on track and focused on my marketing. Doren’s endless supply of marketing ideas (with pre-made templates) were wonderful! I’m now further ahead in my career than I thought I would be four years from now! Thanks Doren!

- Martin Krell, Dominion Lending, Prince George, BC

"Highly Recommended!"

Doren Aldana is an extremely forward thinking individual that knows how to find the best solution for the client. He has earned the trust of not only his clients, but the industry partners that he works with. Doren is always on the edge of the technology that brings forth the best way to serve his client’s needs. Doren comes with our highest recommendations!

- George McGuire, FHA Mortgage Loan Expert, Great American Mortgage Banc, Cincinnati, OH

"I Find It Hard to Contain My Excitement!"

I just want to say WOW!! Your material is so good and you really have the passion for marketing. I have learned so many new and innovative ways to market myself that I find it very hard to contain my excitement! Before beginning your program I had such a fear of trying to recruit new referral sources, but now I have the confidence and "Know-How" to acquire an endless stream of referrals. Thank you for your expertise Doren!

- Dawn McDermott, Meridian Credit Union, Ajax, ON

"Doren Helped Me DOUBLE My Business in the Last 12 Months!"

During the period that Doren Aldana has been Crown’s marketing coach, we have received numerous marketing tips that have advanced our company. His skills, both written and verbal are outstanding. Doren has a way of thinking outside of the box with his mailers and marketing information. If you have a question, Doren provides knowledgeable resources to help get your questions answered. Doren supplies videos for both consumer and Realtors that are extremely educational. In fact, Doren’s Done4U Videos helped me DOUBLE my business in the last 12 months! Thank you Doren!

- Mike Allen, President and CEO of Crown Mortgage Company, Chicago, IL

"You Are Truly Unmatched In This Industry!"

Doren, a sincere thank you for developing and continuously improving the marketing tools a Mortgage Agent needs to grow more business -- you make finding these great tools a really simple task. Your expertise, support, and innovation are truly unmatched in this industry!

- Doug Adlam, Champion Mortgage, Guelph, ON

"Extremely Innovative!"

Doren is one of the best mortgage coaches I have worked with. I have used his systems and strategies and they are on point! He is very thorough in his teachings and truly wants to help his clients succeed. I must say he is extremely innovative and stays ahead of the curve. Love him and his work!

- Jeffery L. Carter, Mortgage Professional Peoples Bank & Trust, Hays, Kansas

"Doren's Newsletter Boosted My Cash Flow By Over $17,000 and Gave Me a 427% ROI!"

So far, I have about 9 firm deals coming from Doren's Done4U newsletters. I get approximately $1,900 per deal so that adds up to $17,100 in commissions. That means my ROI so far is 427%! I think that's great! I haven't been more excited about any other call-to-action marketing plan than this newsletter. Get on this right away because if you put it off too long and neglect your database, you are missing a lot of opportunities and potential deals. I did that for many years and realized it the hard way. I'm just starting to see the benefits of actually tapping into my database.

- Stass Panagakos, MortgageBrokers.com, Toronto, ON

"Creativity with Integrity!"

Doren is an expert at marketing and generating results. I would recommend him for anyone that wants to increase their business and bottom line. I was impressed with his creative approach, contagious positive attitude and accountability. Because of his straightforward answers and integrity I hold Doren in high regards.

- Derek Campbell, Veritas Funding, Syracuse, Utah

"Your Strategies Have Skyrocketed My Business!"

Your unique strategies have skyrocketed my business plan from  wish list to action plan! The details and comprehensive content are some of the best I've ever seen!

- Harold Hagen, Verico Mortgage, Calgary, AB

"HUGE Value!"

Doren is a brilliant marketing mind who creates HUGE value for his coaching clients. I've utilized his marketing methods in my business and received a great ROI for the strategies I've implemented. He's even granted me permission to share them with my clients and he didn't charge me anything for it! If you get the chance to hear Doren speak on the topic of marketing or business growth, clear your calendar and make it priority! You'll be thankful you made it happen.

- David Bush, American Residential Funding, Des Moines, Iowa

"I Already Closed One Deal In Just Two Weeks!"

Hi Doren, just want to give you a thank you. I just purchased the Platinum membership for the year and so far, I have only used the Done4U newsletter. We sent out 40 newsletters in November, for our very first issue. It's only been two weeks and we have already received one mortgage from it! I'm looking forward to trying your other ideas -- you have so much to offer. Thanks again!

- Todd Macleod, Mortgage Alliance, Ottawa, ON

"I increased My Business By 144% in 12 Months!"

I have been in the mortgage business for 2 years. In my first year, without Doren's systems, I did 35 deals and had an income of around $45K. After my first year, I signed up for Doren's Platinum coaching program and have more than DOUBLED my business! This year I will close over 70 deals and my income will be around $110,000. Not too shabby considering this is only my 2nd year.

- Adam Walker, CIBC, Simcoe, ON

"I Mailed 1,000 Newsletters and Generated 4 Deals Worth $7,400 in Commissions!"

It literally only took me about 20 minutes to add my picture and contact info. Just one day after sending 1000 newsletters to my database, it was like a light switched on. All of a sudden I started receiving more emails, faxes and phone calls with mortgage leads. Forget about the general inquiries, I ended up with 7 pre-approvals; 4 of them have already bought so I am just in the process now of waiting for the lenders to give me the final confirmation. I can't believe it; it is like night and day! I have been in this business a long time and it's something I have always known was important but I just never got around to doing it. The fact that I have a professional doing it for me every month and we are going to get it out on time makes it well worth the money. There is no doubt about it. I am thrilled about this; I am definitely looking forward to the next one! Thanks Doren!

- Fred Waymouth, The Mortgage Centre, Mississauga, ON

Best Industry Service Provider

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