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The coolest, most unique business card I’ve ever seen…

By Doren Aldana

I recently received an inquiry from one of our Gold Members in Toronto who asked, “Any unique business cards you’ve come across? Something creative?”

It just so happens, this question came at the perfect time because I was already planning on featuring a really cool, totally unique, “Money” business card on this blog. I can’t think of a business card that has more WOW factor than this one. Check out the photo below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Here’s a quick story for you…

Last month, I was flown out to Toronto to deliver a one-hour marketing presentation for about 250 mortgage brokers at the annual IMBA Trade Show and Convention. Well, I figured I’d try out my own custom version of these “money cards” and see what kind of reaction I’d get. As you might expect, the response was amazing! Every time someone would hand me their business card, I’d reach into my pocket, pull out what looked like a fat stack of hundreds in a real money clip and calmly pull out what looked like a bundle of three hundred dollar bills folded over. I wish you could have been there to see people’s reactions! I had one guy say, “I don’t need your money”, only to realize a moment later that it was a card not cash. Another person said, “Wow! How did you do that?” I must say, it’s a lot of fun to be outrageously unique!”

Here’s a “mortgage-specific version” of the card I was using…

Unique Money Card

You're in the "Money Business". Why not have a "Money Card"?

Let me break down each key component of this card so you can get a “behind the scenes” understanding of why it’s so effective:

1. Fold Effect – as you can see, it can be folded up so it looks like a fat wad of $100 bills folded over. Imagine how your prospects will react when you hand them one of these cards! They won’t throw this one out.

2. Uniqueness – unlike so many other plain Jane vanilla mortgage cards out there, this one will make you STAND OUT from the clutter.

3. Attention Grabbing Headline – the question, “Need a mortgage?” is a good one because it hooks the readers’ mind and grabs their attention. If they do indeed need a mortgage they’ll be inspired to read the rest of the card.

4. Identify Their Need – notice the series of questions in the first paragraph designed to identify their problems or needs. These could have been positioned as a laundry list of bullet points but in this case we’ve used questions to draw the reader in (with empathy).

5. Unique Advantages – if you can’t tell the reader why they should chose you over any and every other option available to them, you shouldn’t be in business.

So, there you have it. The bottom line is this: If you can create a business card that gets people to say, “WOW!” your chances of winning the sale (or referral) go way up!

NOTE: If you’d like to get your own custom-made version of these “money cards”, I’ve arranged to get you special preferred pricing on these cards. You’ll be amazed how affordable they are. I paid under $150 for 500 cards!

BTW – What do you think of this post? Did you find it valuable? Please submit your feedback below. I love feedback!


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  • marlenedarby

    They are rather unique. I’ll like them becasue they are also different.
    I’ll see how much it costs to order 500 and see what results I get.
    Thanks very much.

  • Hi Doren, I like it! Very creative. Certainly would stand out in the pile of cards people collect at a networking event.

  • Chuck

    Very neat idea – Good to know what the options and new ideas are out there

  • Cheryl

    This is a great idea. Could you convert this wording into something I can use as a Realtor? thanks.

  • HI Cheryl. Yes, you can customize it to have any text you want. You’ll love the reaction you get from people when you hand them the perceived wad of hundreds. Very Fun!

  • Danny

    Great cards never seen anything like it

  • Terry Wong

    Fun idea! Curious to see the response back in new business. What quality paper are the business cards printed on? Are the prices different for Canadians purchasing these unique business cards than they would be in the USA?

  • @9e06fe4ee5735b00e6d2b3217da0fcae:disqus The paper quality is nice and thick. The pricing is pretty much the same for both US and Canadians. Submit your inquiry form and we’ll give you a more specific quote for what you’re looking for. Cheers!

  • Upon doing TONS of market research on how to launch our new card design – the only two things I’d consider adding is a business logo (if you have one) as a watermark centered behind the cards inside text for branding purposes and possibly a picture of you towards the bottom contact information or even on the back of the card asking for referrals. People have a hard time remembering who their contact that gave them the card is (especially if they do a lot of networking) and with a picture, it’s more VALUABLE to not throw it away. This is why you see so many realtors, etc… putting up For Sale signs with their picture on them. In this industry, we are estentially branding ourselves and with all the technology out there, it’s one more way to keep them hanging onto that card! 

  • … oh and I’m custom ordering these TOMORROW! Everything that I’ve been looking for: unique, not overbearing, provides benefits to the prospects, provides bio for credibility, and will stick out in a stack of collected cards!  GREAT JOB on this design

  • Marco Cipri

    I got a good idea.
    What if the outside is money(folded) & then you open it.
    You’re casual standing, yet professional picture is on the inside(left) & a question on the right page which says something like, “Mortgages. It’s all about the money. Your money!” or “Are you ready to convert this into real hundreds?” or something.
    Then the last page has all your business details.

  • dorenaldana1

    Hi Kim. Thanks for your great feedback. I recommend giving out two different kinds of cards, one for branding (photo, logo, etc.) and one for WOW FACTOR and that has more room to tell a story, build value, etc. That’s where your money card comes in! Make sense?

  • Hi Marco. Good thinking. The card folds exactly how you are talking about. It has huge WOW FACTOR at networking events. Lots of fun and very effective!

  • So old, they’re new.  Been using these for years! 

    They also come in different denominations, I have a $10 bill that gets mailed out to my insurance clients that reads, “Tell A Friend & Receive a Gift”.

    A friend of mine who has a MLM business uses the $100 and the copy reads, “Stop Wishing This Was Real, Do something about it, (visit our web site)”.

    Great idea, and you’re right when I hand these out, people are impressed!

  • Deborah

    This was shown last year and I think it’s a fantastic idea so  I faxed in an order and never hear back from anyone??

  • Hi Deborah. Sorry for the delay. I’ll contact the vendor for you. Stay tuned…

  • Steve

    LUV IT Doren!! There were some GREAT ideas in the comments section too! Thanks for sharing everybody 🙂

    Is it possible to see a short video to get a better visual of what it looks like?

  • Steve

    Hi Doren, is it possible to see a short video to get a better visual of what it looks like? Or maybe have one sample mailed to me. Thanks