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Cool Video for Attracting Realtor Partners Like Crazy!

By Doren Aldana

Here’s a sample of a cool video you can use to GRAB your Realtors’ ATTENTION with a powerful unique value proposition that makes you STAND OUT from the clutter so you can attract more quality referrals…

Free Video!

What do you think of this video? Please submit your feedback below. I love feedback!


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  • Ahfund

    I do not see a video – I do hear audio.

  • Sorry about that. Try now. 

  • Kporter

    Excellent video, just unsure how I can do all that today as the tools described here I do not have.

  • Thanks for your feedback! You can learn more about how to deliver these value-added services by watching this video: Also, you can get a free copy of this video as a free bonus when you buy my new CD titled: “6 Deadly Mistakes That Kill Your Mortgage Referrals!” Happy New Year!

  • Jeffery L Carter

    Great video Doren. I already have eproperty websites through The Mortgage Marketing Animals, but I would love to get the video to give my presentation some flavor!

  • Hi Jeffrey. This video will definitely add some spice to your presentation! You can get as a free bonus gift when you purchase my free CD above. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Barbara M

    Doren I already bought the 6 Deadly Mistakes video from you last week (just received my copy in the mail on Tuesday).  Any way I can take advantage of today’s offer and get my own copy of the video above too?

  • Hi Barbara. Yes, you should have received the link to this video in your “thank you” email after you ordered the CD. Do you see it in your inbox?

  • Freddie Marmolejo

    Hi Doren, I ordered the cd with hopes of receiving the link to promote to realtors, but I don’t see the link anywhere in the pdf. Any help? Thank!

  • Minternoscia

    video is crap. feed from server delays the information and comes out choppy and is constantly buffering

  • Aaron

    Doren….you have some grade A ideas.  Thats why I bought the 6 deadly mistakes….I think this video is one of the best ideas I got from you……..I only wish it could be branded it with my own info…. Keep it flowing….your ideas are great.

  • admin

    Hi Aaron. Thanks for your kind words. BTW – you can purchase a customizable version of this video at: Here’s a sample of what it looks like: