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Million Dollar Referral Script

By Doren Aldana

Here’s a great script I learned from millionaire financial planner, Matt Zagula, that you can use for asking for referrals after the deal closes:

“You know what Mr. Jones? You’ve been fantastic to work with. If I could hit the repeat button on you all day long my friend, I would. It’s been a pleasure working with you. And I don’t know if you realize this but about 80% of our business comes from our clients telling their friends, family and neighbours about us. But you know, I never want to put anybody in that position. It’s kind of awkward. So I’m going to make it easy. Remember that Consumer Guide I gave you? Here are two more copies. If it ever comes up with friends, family or neighbours and they mention that they’re thinking of buying, selling or refinancing, just give them one of these guides and say ‘these are the people we like and trust.'”

MEMBERS: You can access your Done4U Consumer Guides here.

Well there you have it. What do you think the script? Please comment below!